Today Japan, Tomorrow the World — The Rise of Grocery Store Automation

In Osaka, Japan, a slender, dark-haired woman selects items from the grocery store shelves, scans a barcode from each selection, and places it in a hand-carried basket. She then takes her items to a checkout, places the basket into a receptacle on the checkout counter. Using the kiosk at the counter she pays for the goods, the bottom of the basket slides open, and the grocery items fall into the basket.

This Self Driving Delivery Vehicle Brings The Store to You

Robomart is a SF based company building self-driving stores, which allow fresh produce and goods to come directly to your doorstep.

The benefits to robotic delivery is two fold – one they’re cheaper to operate than traditional delivery drivers, and two they arrive at your location much faster because they don’t need to pick-up food, it’s already contained in the delivery vehicle itself.

This allows end-users to tap a button on their phone, and within a few minutes they’re outside picking out what food they’d like.

Similar to amazon’s , Robomart will utilize cameras and sensors to know what product you’ve removed, and charge that to your account.

Robomart aims to be the Boeing of the self-driving vehicle space, leasing their units out to companies looking to add instant delivery to their product offering.

The First AI Lawyer adds 1,000 New Legal Areas

DoNotPay is launching in 1000 legal areas across the US (all 50 states) and the UK.

From helping drivers fight their parking/speeding tickets in every U.S city to reporting harassment in the workplace, it allows people to get free and instant legal help through artificial intelligence. The user can type into their issue in their own words (for example: “my airline scammed me” or “my employer is racist”) and receive immediate suggestions as to how DoNotPay can help.

Once it knows the problem, the bot talks to the user to get the details and automatically generates a legally sound document which can be sent directly to the authorities. If the user needs more help, we will point them to the right direction (often a charity) within 24 hours.